God’s Ordained Plan Is For Capitalism To Fall To Regional Global Governance

God’s plan from eternity past has been to replace the banker regime of capitalism with the beast regime of regional global governance.

Please consider that Angela Merkel has been appointed by the Sovereign Lord God, Psalm 2:4-5, as dignitary and vessel to effect regional global goverance, as foretold in Daniel, 2:31-45, which is the same as the ten horns seen on the Beast of Revelation 13:1-4. Milton Friedman provided the Free To Choose floating currency regime, known as Neoliberalism, aka Capitalism, which featured inflationism. But, investors sold out of currencies and stocks in July 2011, on fears that a debt union had formed in the EU. And now destructionism has commenced, where the Beast Regime of Neoauthoritarianism is rising to terminate all existing forms of economic and political life.

The dynamos of profit and growth that empowered capitalism have been exhausted through US Central Bank and ECB monetary policy. Socks, VT, VSS, currencies, DBV, CEW,  and debt, BND, have been called higher by ponzi financing coming through the ECB LTRO ponzi credit. This is a zombification rally which rallied the most heavily sold off and debt indebted stocks and bonds.

The First Horseman of the Apocalypse, Revelation 6:1-2, is powering up the dynamos of regional security and stability. In Europe, public private partnerships led by monetary cardinals will provide credit, and oversee natural resources and production, under the monetary pope, Mario Draghi. Also, budget commissioners will oversee government budgets implementing strategic reforms and austerity measures.

These new sovereign authorities will work together to mature regional global governance; their work will be describe as regionalization. In the new economy, diktat will replace both fiat money and credit. Choice is an epitaph on the tombstone of a bygone era.  Freedom, free enterprise, and a free monetary system, are Libertarian principles seen in the Ron Paul agenda; yet they are mirages on the Neoauthoritarian Desert of the Real. The sovereign, junk, personal, and corporate credit boom that produced the debt economy, is history; the debt servitude experience will commence soon.

The old economy of capitalism was based upon the Milton Friedman Free To Choose script of floating currencies for growth, and profit. Fears of debt contagion, most likely from a Greek default will resurface soon causing derisking out of stocks and deleveraging out of commodities. Through creative destruction, leaders’ agreements will provide diktat for regional security and stability.

Commodity trading and processing firms, such as Archer Daniel Midland will experience significant transformation as they become partners in regionalization. In as much as major world currencies, DBV, and emerging market currencies, CEW, traded lower in July, 2011, yet have recovered, inflationism has turned to destructionism and growth has turned to contraction. Reuters reports Volatile Commodity Market Hurts Profit At Archer Daniel Midland. ADM has experienced sharply lower quarterly earnings and cut its capital spending plans. Commodity trading firms like ADM are experiencing increased risks and costs. We are prioritizing capital projects, said CEO Patricia A Woertz. ADM said in January that it will cut about 1,000 workers.

Germany is rising to take sovereign preeminence over other countries. Euroland will become a type of revived Roman Empire. WSWS reports EU Summit Agrees To German Plan For Austerity Straitjacket.  The European Union summit that ended in Brussels Monday evening agreed to a plan drawn up by the German government for a series of measures that will force governments across the continent to implement harsh austerity measures. According to the plan, all 17 euro zone states will be required to insert a so-called “debt brake” into their constitutions laying down strict limits to government borrowing. The ten EU member states that do not use the common European currency will have the option to adopt the debt brake measure. Governments will essentially be denied the possibility of ameliorating the deepening social crisis through fiscal measures. Instead, in order to ensure the repayment of their debts to the banks, they will be forced to take draconian deficit reduction measures, primarily by slashing spending on welfare provisions, education, housing, infrastructure, public sector employment, pensions and health care. Underlining the undemocratic nature of the plan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared, “The debt brakes will be binding and valid forever. Never will you be able to change them through a parliamentary majority.”

In addition to the debt brake, the EU summit agreed to a German proposal that countries failing to pay their debts on time be subject to punitive sanctions to be imposed by the European Court of Justice. Such a mechanism is prominent among the demands of the international banks and financial institutions. Two countries, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, declared they would not sign up to the agreement. At the same time, the leaders of the two countries made clear they had no disagreement with the principle of universal austerity.

In the event summit participants agreed to a vague proposal for the distribution of a mere 82 billion euros in previously unspent funds, in exchange for which national governments are expected to implement a raft of measures to deregulate their labour markets.

The run-up to the summit had been dominated by heated discussion over a German proposal leaked last Friday for the appointment of an external “budget commissioner” for Greece with the power to dictate the terms of the country’s monetary and budget policy. Greek newspapers and politicians denounced the proposal, harking back to the Nazi occupation during World War II and describing it as tantamount to installing a German Gauleiter to run the affairs of Greece. In an editorial on Tuesday, the Financial Times played down the significance of the German proposal by stressing the powers to dictate policy already in the hands of the EU, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB). “It is far from clear” the newspaper wrote, that the Berlin policy “of an EU commissioner with the authority to overrule Athens’ taxation and public spending decisions… would differ much from the power that Greece’s official creditor “troika” already enjoys.”

The same message was delivered to Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos by a group of EU and ECB officials at a separate meeting following the close of the official proceedings in Brussels.

Following the EU summit, the banks and financial institutions stepped up their pressure on Europe to pump more cheap credit into the financial markets and allocate more money to guarantee their sovereign debt holdings. It is expected that the European Central Bank, which handed out nearly half a trillion euros in low-cost loans to the banks in December, will enlarge the windfall next month with at least 1 trillion euros in additional loans.

A New Charlemagne will rise to power through the scheme of regional framework agreements, Daniel 8:22-23. Apostle John, writes of this individual’s eventual global sovereign authority.  “And now understand this: The seven heads of the beast represent seven hills of the city where this woman rules. They also represent seven kings. Five kings have already fallen, the sixth now reigns, and the seventh is yet to come, but his reign will be brief. The scarlet beast that was alive and then died is the eighth king. He is like the other seven, and he, too, will go to his doom. His ten horns are ten kings who have not yet risen to power; they will be appointed to their kingdoms for one brief moment to reign with the beast. They will all agree to give their power and authority to him.” Revelation 17:9-13.

Throughout history “seven hills” has often been erroneously interpreted as a reference to Rome, the city of seven hills. However, the original Greek is literally interpreted as “seven mountains.” From Daniel chapter 2, we know that a mountain can represent a kingdom, and given the context of the verses, it is proper to interpret these seven mountains as seven kingdoms. The seven heads of the beast represent seven world empires.

  1. Egypt – fallen
  2. Assyria – fallen
  3. Babylonia – fallen
  4. Medo-Persia – fallen
  5. Greece – fallen
  6. Rome – time of John
  7. A Revived Roman Empire, whose leader, the Sovereign, will rise to global power.

The same progression of empires is seen in Nebuchadnezzars’ dream of Daniel 2:31-45.
Head of Gold. Nebuchadnezzar ruling Babylon;
Chest of Silver. Cyrus and Cyrus and Darius ruling Merdo Persia;
Belly of Bronze. Alexander the Great establishing Greece;
Leg of Iron. Charlemagne ruling Rome;
Iron of Iron. Tony Blair ruling the UK, and George Bush, The Decider, ruling America;
Toes of Iron and Clay. The power of the two iron kingdoms began for the UK in the late 1700s, and  began for the US in the late 1800s, is flowing into a ten toed kingdom of regional global governance, Daniel 2:31-33. This system is described by Daniel as beastly, Daniel 7:7.

The ten toes being continually mixed in the iron of diktat and the clay of democracy, will crumble and give way to mankind’s final empire seen in Revelation 13:5-18, where the Sovereign, after establishing a middle east peace treaty, gains the upper hand and establishes a one world government, a one world currency, and global seigniorage, Revelation 13:17-18, where one will be required to take his charagma, that is his mark or tattoo on one’s person, which will be required to conduct any economic transactions.

News reports reveal progress on the road to the mark of the beast, where the digital payment ecosystem is evolving to to a “tip or a tap of one’s mobile device”. Business Insider relates Mastercard is fully embracing the new age of digital transactions, when everyone will dump plastic credit cards altogether in exchange for smart phones, computers and tablets. “We’re moving toward a world beyond plastic, where consumers will shop and pay in a way that best fits their needs and lifestyles with a simple tap, click or touch in-store, online or on a mobile device,” said Chris McWilton, president, U.S. markets. “Our roadmap represents a transformational shift in the approach to payments and is not simply about EMV, chip and PIN. We’re focused on readying the ecosystem to drive future innovation and provide new consumer experiences to enhance the value of electronic payments.”

The beastly ruler will demand worship of him upon command, Daniel 9:27. And global workplace technology, such as the Apple iPad, will enable him to receive that worship on demand.

After 3 and ½ years of rule, Daniel 7:25, the Son of God will establish his empire and rule from Jerusalem, over planet earth for a thousand years.

Along with those mysteries, there is also a woman riding on the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns, Revelation,17:3-6, “Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a desert. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. This title was written on her forehead: mystery Babylon the great the mother of prostitutes And of the abominations of the earth. I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.”

John Notter Jr. relates Mystery Babylon is a great economic, political, and spiritual unification. The harlot of Babylon will ride a beast that is headquartered in Europe and the Middle East. She is great wickedness as she denies the true power of salvation, Jesus Christ. This false religion will have the full backing of Satan and the unholy trinity. It will unite east and west, and all of the world! She will come about as men try to overcome a recent war with shouts of peace and safety, so they will bow to her wishes as they see this prostitute as a means to accomplish their ends.

COG Writer relates Europe gets its name from Europa of Roman/Greek mythology. And Signs Of The Last Days relates Guten Morgen Europa … Europe Rides The Beast. A picture at the top of this article is of a statue right outside EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. It is a statue of the pagan goddess Europa riding a bull. EU representatives openly acknowledge as much. According to Greek tradition, Europa (from which Europe takes it’s name) was a beautiful Phoenecian woman of high ranking who draws the attention of Zeus – the great Greek sky god. Zeus becomes so enamored with Europa that he transforms himself into the most beautiful white bull that anyone has ever seen. Europa spots this beautiful bull and climbs on top of it and suddenly the bull plunges into the sea and rapes her. Zeus then takes Europa away to Crete where he finally reveals his true identity.

Not only is God developing regional global government, He is putting a hook into the jaw of the  Russian bear, to draw it to its doom in a Global Eurasia War, as it attempts to protect its natural resource interests and sphere of interest in Eurasia, as Scott relates in Prophecy Update article The Hook In The Jaw Of Gog. This soon coming war is heralded by Bloomberg which reports Russia Warns Arab Leaders Against Crossing ‘Red Line’ on Syrian Leadership. Russia warned Arab leaders against crossing a “red line” in trying to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and said it wasn’t the United Nation’s job to dictate who stays in power and who goes. This war will be more destructive than all past wars as I’ve related in a number of other related posts.

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