The Ten Toes Of Iron And Clay Global Governance Will Eventually Transform Into A Dreadful Beast Of A One World Government

The ten toed kingdom of regional global governance that is now forming, Daniel 31-33, will eventually transform into a dreadful beast one world government, Daniel 7:7, Revelation 13:1-4, where a world sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10, and a world banker, Revelation 13:11-18, will provide global seigniorage, Revelation 13:17-18.  

Mack Quigley writes “In the chapter 2 vision, the fourth kingdom has two stages – the first stage is iron legs, and the second stage is of 10 toes mingled with clay: “And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.” Daniel 2:42. This final stage is the last world-government that will form. Therefore although the iron is just the “fourth kingdom” in the chapter 2 vision – it counts as two for the purpose of the chapter 7 vision.”

Please consider Mr. Quigley’s two column chart comparing the Great Metal Statue and the Parade of Beasts, which both communicate the progressions of kingdoms ordained by God.  He writes further, “The 2nd advent fulfilment of these prophecies must involve modern nations with a heritage in Roman Empire.”

Germany is the modern day descendant of the Roman Empire, and it is playing a leading role in effecting God’s plan for regional global governance. In 1974, the Club of Rome, a German based think tank, gathered 300 of the world’s elite who called for regional global governance as a means of dealing with the destruction coming from the failure of currencies and carry trade investing.

Jim Simmons writes The Club of Rome is a German based think tank established in 1957. It has a limit of 100 active members. The members are from five continents and 52 countries. It was an association of scientists, economists, businessmen, international high civil servants, and former heads of state. The Club’s purpose is to figure out ways to solve humanity’s problems. Many years ago, the Club of Rome advocated a “one world order,” dividing the world into 10 economic centers or regions, i.e., regions of countries. “Regionalization” became the new buzzword. World Federalists also advocated “world regions” and have detailed plans for a world government similar to the Club of Rome.

Angela Merkel is God’s point person for ushering in regional global governance, as she and Nicolas Sarkozy in their August 2011 Joint Comminique, called for a “true European economic government”.

The Economist relates the details of Angela Merkel’s shrew leadership. “ To begin with, Greece has more obstacles to overcome before securing the vital second rescue package it has been promised. Whether it can implement all the budget cuts and reforms it has promised is the subject of great doubt. But for now the mood is to push the rescue through; talk of forcing Greece into an early default has died away. So has the invective against Antonis Samaras, the leader of Greece’s New Democracy party, who has often questioned the EU-IMF conditions imposed on his country. Just before the summit, Mr Samaras had a long private meeting with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. Both sides said it had gone well. Germany said it was reassured that Mr Samaras would stick with the programme if elected in Greece’s general election, expected in April. He said he had voted in favour of it and “paid with the blood of my party” after 21 members were expelled for opposing the EU/IMF demands.”

At the appropriate time, fate will open the curtains, and on to Europe’s stage will step the most credible leader. He will be the Sovereign, and will be accompanied by a monetary pope, the Seignior, who will have monetary cardinals, who will provide diktat for the money and credit need of Euroland, as well as provide structural reforms for economic sustainability. Budget commissioners will be appointed to provide technocratic government enforcing fiscal austerity. These Eurocrats will work for the security, stability, and sustainability needs of the European continent. The Economist relates that Mario Monti, the Italian prime minister, says that as well as a “fiscal compact” the EU needs an “economic compact”. Fate will bring these to pass, as it works in ever increasing regionalization.

All the pieces for a Federal Europe are falling in place, a monetary union has formed, and once leaders meet in summits and announce framework agreements, that is a fiscal compact and an economic compact, then a One Euro Government will rule supreme in the Eurozone. And fate will provide a leader, and a banker, for its political and economic leadership.

Reuters reports Herman Van Rompuy confirmed for 2nd term as EU Council president. This was also related by Open Europe as being covered in EUobserver European Voice Le Monde And was also related by Granhlaw.

Reuters reports Euro zone likely to decide on firewall at end-March. Herman van Rompuy, who chaired the summit, confirmed the decision could be left to finance ministers. “We will reassess, as we decided in December, the ceiling of the EFSF and the ESM in March, and it can be done by the finance ministers,”

Major world currencies, DBV, and emerging market currencies, CEW, will soon be turning lower, when it becomes apparent that Greece is an insolvent nation, and that its sovereign debt is unsustainable, and as confidence in the world central banks’ monetary policies fails. Open Europe writes Take III: Don’t Bore Me With The Details. Felix Salmon writes The Improbable Greece Plan. Greece’s debt dynamics get even worse. But of course even with well-below-market interest rates, Greece is still never going to pay that money back. The cost of this plan is €130 billion right now, and €170 billion over three years, through the end of 2014; it just continues going up from there, with no end in sight. Remember that total Greek GDP, right now, is only about €220 billion and falling.
King World News relates Fears Of Debt Contagion. These, as well as fears of decreased growth, and loss of confidence in the world central bank fiat monetary policies will cause disinvestment out of stocks and delveraging out of commodities, as fiat money dies globally on competitive currency devaluation.

Future EU Leader’s framework agreements will serve as the constitution for the New Europe, and usher in the ten toed kingdom of regional global governance, where the Beast Regime of Neoauthoritarianism, will be replacing the Banker Regime of Neoliberalism.

Please consider Michael’s post Twenty Quotes From European Leaders That Prove That They Know The Financial System In Europe Is Dead.

Soon a New Charlemagne will rise to rule the Euro zone, where Germany will be preeminent, as a type of revived Roman Empire that governs the European continent.

As it stands now, fiat money has expanded to its full potential and competitive currency devaluation has starting with the Euro FXE, the Brazilian Real, BZF, and the Indian Rupe, ICN, trading lower in value, causing the US Dollar, UUP, to rise. The global debt trade is starting to exhaust as is seen in Small Cap Pure Value, RZV, US Infrastructure, PKB, Small Cap Industrial, PSCI, Small Cap Technology, PSCT, Coal, KOL, Semiconductors, XSD, Leveraged Buyouts, PSP, trading lower. The Two Hundred Percent Volatility, TVIX and Volatility, VIXY, are bottoming out, providing further evidence that a market turn is at hand. The decrease in the Citi Economic Surprise Index from 37 to 32 indicates that global growth has turned from economic contraction, with the result that corporate earnings cannot be sustained, with the result that investors will be derisking out of stocks, ACWI, VSS, EWX, and deleveraging out of commodities, DBC.

The moneyness, of central bank authority is failing. A new moneyness, the seigniorage of diktat is rising to rule economics as political capital replaces investment capital as the dynamos of growth and profit that have driven capitalism are winding down, and the dynamos of regional security, stability and sustainability are powering up regional global governance.

The good news is that the coming one world government, which will be headed up by the Little Horn, that is the Little Authority, Daniel 7:7-8, wll be replaced by God’s Kingdom where Christ will rule and reign for a thousand years.

Dr. Michael J. Vlach writes This earthly aspect of God’s kingdom is evident in a connecting point between the fourth kingdom (Rome) and the fifth kingdom (God’s kingdom). The fourth kingdom (Rome) “shatters all things” and “breaks in pieces” its enemies (2:40). Likewise, the fifth kingdom, God’s kingdom, “will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms” (2:44). There is a parallel here—just as the fourth kingdom of Rome crushed all rival political kingdoms on earth, so too the kingdom of God will crush the earthly political kingdoms on the scene when it comes. The coming of God’s kingdom is not progressively taking place over time; it is sudden. This is a stone that violently brings an end to the kingdoms that preceded it. The kingdoms that use to exist are like “chaff” that is swept away by strong winds. Like the previous four kingdoms, God’s coming kingdom is a real geographical and political kingdom that will exist over the entire earth.

Brakeman1 presents the meaning of symbols in bible prophecy which aid in understanding the scripture verses presented in this article.


2 Responses to “The Ten Toes Of Iron And Clay Global Governance Will Eventually Transform Into A Dreadful Beast Of A One World Government”

  1. L Says:

    Educate me: why is this ten toed kingdom thought to be a revived holy roman empire?

    • theyenguy Says:

      Thanks for the question, While some may write a holy roman empire, I write a type of revived roman empire and mean an authoritarian and ruthless government; I’ve updated my article, and may come back and put in other adjectives; if you can think of any other descriptive words, please let me know; I do not mean Rome based, but mean a Brussels and Berlin based regime.

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