Who Be You?

I ask myself, who am I, what are my plans, what are my goals in life, and what is my measure of success? These are important questions that deal with the meaning of life.

An even more important question is, does one make the decision as to who one be, and where one is going?

In reading Acts 17:26 and Ephesians 1, I suggest that God made the decision in eternity past as to who one is to be, and where one is going.

There are two realms: the virtuous realm and the fiat realm. The virtuous realm comes from the Divine, and the fiat realm comes from man.

Either one be elect, or one be as one’s fiat identity directs.

The Apostle Peter wrote in 2 Peter 1: 1-10, that the elect live in the like precious faith of Jesus Christ. This is the faith that has once, for all time and all people, has been delivered to the saints, and presented in scripture, that is by Apostles’ writ.

The elect take stock of who they have been, and what their carnal nature is. And with the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse their conscience from dead works, and with a good conscience, examine them selves to see if they be pure, living in faith and virtue. The elect resolve, to crucify their sin nature, and with the Lord’s grace  to maintain themselves in the Word, and to live in the Lord’s presence and authority, Revelation 3:8.   

It is to this like precious faith, that the elect practices the additive process, beginning with virtue and ending in love, so as to experience the exceedingly great promises of God, such as that of Jesus, who said, that whoever believes into Him, out from him, shall flow rivers of living water, and so as to be effective and fruitful in life.

On the other hand, the fiat, the non elect people, have an identity and be, out its mandate.  For example, if one is a Republican geologist, then one has an occupation and conservative values. His occupation provides identity as scientific worker in rocks, and his political club provides his lifestyle activities and rules how he treats others.


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