Banking, Mining And Energy Shares Rise In Front Of China Report

Financial Market Report for April 11, 2012

China Financials, CHIX, Ireland, IRE, and UK Banking, BCS, LYG, RBS, led European Financials, EUFN, and India Earnings, EPI, higher in front of the China report.

The most oversold banking shares, IRE, BCS, LYG, RBS, LYG, and EPI, were led higher by China Financials, CHIX.

And the most oversold mining, growth, and energy shares were led higher by Aluminum, ALUM, these included URA, COPX, SLX, EMMT, CHII, REMX,  KOL, PSCE, XOP, OIH, and IEZ.

The precious metal mining shares, GDXJ, GDX, SIL,rose strongly.

In response trade nations, YAO, EWD, and CNDA rose strongly.

This presented an opportunity to go short a number of stocks including

Homebuilders DHI, PHM, LEN

Earth Diggging And Rail Car Stocks, CAT, JOYG, MTW, TEX, IR, GBX, TRN, ARII, TIE

Coal Shares, ANR, BTU

Industrial Shares, OI, PPG

Consumer Discretionary, SBUK, CMG, PCLN,

Value Shares, AVY, BID, PII, BC, FUN,

Industrial Electrical Equipment AIMC, ETN, ROK, ENS, AME,

Communications Equipment, QCOM

Design Build, USG, NCC, GLDD, MAS, FLR,

Real Estate, SPG, AVB, ESS,

Vehicle Parts Manufacturers, WNC,  TWI, MTOR, WPRT, WBC, TEN, TRW

Aerospace, BA, HON, BEAV,

Agricultural Equipment TSCO, LNN, AGCO, DE, NE


Diversified Machinery, SPW, CMI

Small Cap Industrial WCC, TRS, HEES,

Banks, BAC, AIG, C, MS, GS,

Semiconductors, MSCC, AMKR, LSI

Chemical Manufacturers, LPL, LYB, ROC, KPOP, ASH,

Health Care Provider, MOH,


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