Regional Global Governance Is Rising Out Of Sovereign And Banking Insolvency

A report on the death of capitalism and the rise of regional global governance.

The degree to which European stocks, VGK, particularly Spain, EWP, and its banks, STD, BBVA, and Italy, EWI, and Greece, GREK, have now fallen, suggests that Europe is characterized by sovereign insolvency and banking insolvency. The peripheral nations are insolvent sovereigns, and have insolvent banks, which are entirely dependent upon the ECB for continued operation.  

The ECB, through its LTRO and debt purchases has become both the monetary and fiscal backbone of a Federal Europe. These ECB’s policies, as well as other policies which have subordinated EU debt to itself, have effectively chartered the ECB as the EU’s bank.

Insolvent sovereigns and their insolvent banks, cannot govern; the EU has new government, that being regional global governance. And it will increase in greater authority as leaders meet in future summits and waive national sovereignty to pool sovereignty and announce regional framework agreements, providing for new monetary authority consisting of monetary cardinals, under a monetary pope, overseeing public private partnerships for management of regional resources, production and labor; and also providing a fiscal commissioner, overseeing austerity measures and structural reforms, such as abolishment of national wage contracts and constitutional right to work in state employment.

The global investment tectonic plates have shifted, and an authoritarian tsunami is on the way. Investment capital that has governed capitalism is failing as the dynamos of growth and profit are winding down on the exhaustion of the world central banks’ monetary authority. Political capital is rising to govern regional global governance as the dynamos of regional security, stability and security are winding up, as investors derisk out of stocks and delever out of commodities. Regionalization is mankind’s future; regional blocs will form the basis of future political and economic activity.

Fiat wealth, comprised of stocks, VT, and commodities, DBC, as well as major world currencies, DBV, and emerging world currencies, CEW, is literally evaporating, or perhaps better said falling into the pit of financial abandon. The turn lower this week in world stocks, VT, and the ongoing trade lower in World Government Treasuries, BWX, introduces the Second Great Depression, and evidences the exhaustion of the world central banks’ monetary authority, and with that the death of both credit and money. The Fed’s, the ECB’s, and the Chinese Government’s monetary no longer are able to sustain growth in world trade and investment, with the result that capitalism is dying.  

In the age of devolution, strife, chaos, violence and discord will be the norm, as the Lord said that in the end times, because of wickedness, love will grow cold, Mt 24:12. In the fiat realm, fiat rule is appearing and solidifying, calling one to have fiat identity and a life there from. Greeks now are debt serfs to the EU ECB and IMF Troika. Soon people worldwide will be debt serfs living in regions of feudal rule. The alternative is to be of the like precious faith of Jesus Christ, thereby be established as elect, one who exercises virtue and love, partakes of the divine nature, knows the exceedingly great promises of God, and lives a fruitful spiritual life, thereby lives fully in the Divine realm, as held forth by the Apostle Peter in 2 Peter 2:1-10. 

Soon there will be no free land; the only place where one will be able to live free, is out of Christ and His Word alone. Though there be many who claim to be sovereigns, He alone is the Genuine Sovereign. He is The Key of David, Isaiah 22:22, and Revelation 3:7, that is the resource, and the one, who enables the household of God to come into the presence of the Divine, and to experience the Divine.

There has been no genuine independent buying of peripheral nation treasury debt for a long time. There is no real market place for sovereign debt of the PIGS. The sole buyer of the peripheral nation Treasury debt has been the ECB. This makes the ECB both the Sovereign, the ruler, of the PIGS, and their Seignior, the top dog banker who takes a cut for the issuance of money. The ECB, not the independent world government bond market place, is underwriting the continued operation of the peripheral nations and providing for their fiscal spending.

The PIGS have lost their debt sovereignty, and as such they are now longer sovereign nation states. The PIGS exist as client states of a Federal Union, and in as much as they affirm the debt brakes of the recent Leaders fiscal compact, they are part of a defacto Fiscal Union. The EU ECB and IMF Troika are now the sovereign authority in Europe replacing sovereign nation states.

Creative destruction coming from the first and second Greek bailouts has established a region of global governance as called for by the 300 elite of the Club of Rome, who envisioned a ten toed kingdom of regional government, as they met and wrote in various papers during 1972 to 1976, such as Mankind At The Turning Point.  Those living in the peripheral nations are no longer residents of sovereign nation states, but rather residents living in a region of  global governance.

The age of speculative investing is over and the age of diktat is commencing. The fiat money system is crumbling and the diktat money system is coalescing. Fiat money is being replace by diktat which will soon serve as both credit and money. Monetary cardinals will provide directives as credit; and budget commissioners will provide austerity measures as money.

Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain are not fiscally viable countries. Their fiscal viability rests solely with the ECB and upon the Leaders mandate of austerity measures imposed via the Leaders fiscal compact with its balanced budget agreements to be enacted in each state. Fiscal capability, fiscal resource, and fiscal spending comes from the authority of EU ECB and IMF Troika, as well as the Leaders’ Fiscal Compact. Wikipedia in discussion of the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis is correct in relating that a EU Fiscal Union has been established.  

New sovereigns are coming to rule the new age. Fate, not any human action, Revelation 6:1-2, and Revelation 2:26-27,  is passing the baton of sovereignty from formerly sovereign nation states to these two new sovereign authorities. The EU ECB IMF Troika and the Leader’s Fiscal Compact now govern Euroland. The Milton Friedman script of choice for the age of Neoliberalism is history; and the Herman van Rompuy and Angela Merkel script of diktat for the age of Neoauthoritarianism is coming. Europe will be characterized as a gulag of debt servitude, statism, and totalitarian collectivism.

Global speculative investing,  underwritten by the global government debt trade, and the development of European Socialism underwritten by the use of the Euro, has created unsustainable national wage contracts, insurmountable commercial barriers, a stunning level of public sector employment, and public corporations galore, to the point where capitalism cannot and will not survive; European socialism is not sustainable.  Regional global governance is coming to govern mankind’s economic and political activities. 

Out of soon coming Financial Armageddon, that is a credit bust and a global financial breakdown, Germany will arise to be preeminent in the EU, and will rule as a type of revived Roman empire.  David C Park Publisher of The Real Truth asks, Will Europe’s Economy Collapse? And provides biblical answers which relate that by God’s authority, from the ashes of Europe’s financial collapse, a Beast Regime as foretold in Revelation 13, will with seven heads and ten horns, will rise to rule Europe and eventually all of mankind.

Such change in governance is significant as it is part of a larger picture prophesied long ago in Daniel 2:31-33, where it was foretold that the UK and US hegemony, that has ruled the world as two iron legs since the late 1700s would give way, and fall into ten toes of iron and clay, where iron is symbolic of diktat and clay of democracy. This unstable mixture will also one day give way, and a terrible one world government, Daniel 7:7, with global seigniorage, that is global credit and money, coming from a Global Leader, Revelation 13:5-10, and a Global Banker, Revelation 13:11-18.

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