A Regional King And Kingdom Will Rise To Rule The Eurozone … All EU Banks Will Be Nationalized Then Regionalized Into A One Euro Bank

1) … Please consider that bible prophecy foretells that out of the collapse of Greece and its banking system, a regional kingdom and a regional king will rise to rule the Eurozone. Austrian economists believe that bad debt banks should go bankrupt. But Eurozone banks will be nationalized, and then regionalized as part of a One Euro Government with the ECB or Bundesbank announced by regional framework agreements, as the EU’s Bank.

The National Bank of Greece, NBG, and Greek Stocks, GREK, traded strongly lower today, as a few stock sectors increased today including, URA, REMX,  ITB, XSD, SEA, BJK, RWR, XBI, IGN, and COPX.  The Biotechnology stocks presented in this Finviz Screener, are likely very good short selling opportunities. The Junior Gold Miners, GDXJ, rose; I believe THM, and BRD, as well as Silver Mining Stocks HL represent reasonable long investment opportunities.

Doug Casey writes in Lew Rockwell article End Of The Nation State, It’s odd, to me at least, how much the human animal seems to like the idea of monarchy. It’s mythologized, especially in a medieval context, as a system with noble kings, fair princesses, and brave knights riding out of castles on a hill to right injustices. As my friend Rick Maybury likes to point out, quite accurately, the reality differs quite a bit from the myth. The king is rarely more than a successful thug, a Tony Soprano at best, or perhaps a little Stalin. The princess was an unbathed hag in a chastity belt, the knight a hired killer, and the shining castle on the hill the headquarters of a concentration camp, with plenty of dungeons for the politically incorrect.

With kingdoms, loyalties weren’t so much to the “country”, a nebulous and arbitrary concept, but to the ruler. You were the subject of a king, first and foremost. Your linguistic, ethnic, religious, and other affiliations were secondary. It’s strange how, when people think of the kingdom period of history, they think only in terms of what the ruling classes did and had. Even though, if you were born then, the chances were 98% you’d be a simple peasant who owned nothing, knew nothing beyond what his betters told him, and sent most of his surplus production to his rulers. But, again, the gradual accumulation of capital and knowledge made the next step possible: the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution and the End of the Nation-State. As the means of production changed, with the substitution of machines for muscle, the amount of wealth took a huge leap forward. The average man still might not have had much, but the possibility to do something other than beat the earth with a stick for his whole life opened up, largely as a result of the Renaissance. Then the game changed totally with the American and French Revolutions, One can read read the rest here.

I comment that indeed the game, totally changed in 1776 as the US and the UK became two world empires, which would rule the world as foretold in Daniel 2:30-44. Now with the failure of nation states, regional governance, forming in ten world kingdoms, is coming to rule the world, Revelation 13:1-4, where eventually, ten kings will rule in each of these ten world regions, Revelation 17:17.

I suggest that one purchase the Euro Intelligence daily news service as it provides the best in news and analysis and today relates Fiscal union plan ready by year-end, says van Rompuy

  • Herman van Rompuy says he will present “the main building blocks” of a fiscal union, and “a working method to achieve this objective”;
  • says he will present detailed proposal for a banking union right away;
  • a fully worked-out plan with timetables for a fiscal union is due by December;
  • Germany says European Council could sign off on the plans in the spring 2013;
  • Angela Merkel proposes an EU wide bank supervisor;
  • the G7 has scheduled a phone among finance ministers today to discuss the possibility of a Spanish bank run;
  • there is now mounting pressure from the outside world on the eurozone to act fast;
  • Olli Rehn wants the ESM to be able to recapitalise banks directly, bypassing governments;
  • says this must go hand-in-hand with resolution powers;
  • Wolfgang Schauble refuses to relinquish his national post as a quid-pro-quo for becoming eurogroup chairman.

EuroIntelligence further reports Merkel calls for body to supervise major EU banks. Angela Merkel said she would discuss the need for a European body to monitor major banks in talks on Monday José Manuel Barroso, Reuters reports.  European institutions needed more powers otherwise monetary union would not function, the Chancellor said in a short statement in Berlin last night before the discussions with Barroso later in the evening. “We will … be talking about to what extent we need to put systemic banks under a specific European supervisory authority,” she said. This was a medium term goal, she added.  “The world wants to know how we conceive the political union that will accompany monetary union, and we have to provide an answer to this question in the foreseeable future,” she said.  Barroso called for a structured approach in the debate, which could include a “banking union”. Some elements of this banking union would be more integrated financial supervision and also more integrated deposit guarantees. It is important to have this long-term vision about more Europe, he said.

Ambrose Evens Pritchard writes Spain makes plea for EU aid for troubled banks.

2) … Please consider what the word “fiat” means and why is it important.

Fiat means marked and identified by a concept, philosophy, or religion, whereby one has a unique identity, as well as rules, ethics or morals. Either one be fiat, or one be elect, meaning marked, selected, chosen, and appointed by God to be Sonized, that is made in the image of His Son, and made accepted in the Beloved. In contrast with the fiat, the elect have the like precious faith of Jesus Christ and virtues, that is the qualities of God, 2 Peter 1:1-10. One either serves Mammon, that is the interests of fiat; or one serves God, that is the interests of grace and truth, John 1:17.

After the soon coming Financial Armageddon, that is a credit bust and global financial breakdown, those in the Europe will no longer be French, Greek, or German citizens, as leaders will meet in summits to waive national sovereignty, and pool sovereignty regionally, and announce regional framework agreements that establish regional political, monetary, banking, lending, credit, and fiscal policies, replacing those of sovereign nation states. Those in the EU will have a fiat identity as debt serfs and residents of a region of political and economic governance; there will be no sovereign individuals, there will only be regional sovereign bodies and regional sovereign leaders. With the fiat money system and credit destroyed, the diktat money system will rise to provide diktat as both money and credit.

The 29% gain in the Flattner ETF, over the last year reflects the failure of money and credit; and this week’s and this month’s downturn in the Flattner ETF, and the rise in its opposite, the Steepner ETF, STPP, reflects the beginning of failure of the seigniorage of US Treasury Debt, ZROZ, EDV, TLT, IEF, SHY, LTPZ, BAB, as well as long duration US Corporate Debt, BLV, as the 10 30 US Sovereign Debt Yield Curve, $TNX:$TYX, steepens, on rise seen in chart of the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX from its historic low of 1.44%.

The Beast Regime of regional governance is starting to rise globally from the failure of Greece as a nation state which The Economist Magazine characterized by patronage and pork; this ultra left socialist nation ranks near Yemen in being the most anti-competitive in the world; its professions are closed; most all jobs are nationalized, with a high national wage, where the right to a job is protected by the Greek Constitution, and up until recently all, yes all, political parties were either Communist or Socialist. It was sorely in need in need of structural reform, privatization, and wage reduction, when it abandoned the Drachma in 1998 to join the Euro currency group of nations; and has become even more intransigent, strident to this very time. Investing in Greece directly by buying its bonds beginning in 1996 or by investing in European Banks such as Banco Santander was one of the best ways to speculate in the global debt trade that had supported Crony Capitalism, that is Inflationist Capitalism, and European Socialism. But with debt saturation and fear of Greek default, such investments have turned toxic and resulted in a spectacular temporary rush to safety in US Debt, ZROZ, EDV, TLT, and up until recently US Infrastructure Stocks, PKB, Small Cap Growth Stock, IWO, Retail Stocks, XRT, Real Estate REITS, RWR, and Dividend Payers, DVY.

Yet when money died in April 2011, as reflected by the rise in the US Dollar, $USD, UUP, and the competitive currency devaluation in World Major Currencies, DBV, and Emerging Market Currencies, as well as deleveraging out of Commodities, DBC, on fears that a debt union had formed in the EU, as well as when credit died in April 2012, investors derisked out of stocks. The chart of the US Dollar, $USD, suggests that it may be at a pivot point, where it may turn lower; this as ETF Daily News reports The end of the US dollar has already begun.

The greatest fallers on the fears of sovereign and banking insolvency as well as failure of global growth and global trade include the following as EconoMonitor reports Global manufacturing growth shudders toward a halt, and The Telegraph reports BIS warns global lending contracting at fastest pace since ’08.

Nation Stocks, GREK, ARGT, EWP, EWI, EZA


Small Cap Country and Small Country Stocks, SCIF, SKOR, TWON, EPOL, CNDA, KROO, HAO, BRF, ERUS, EWD, EWO, EWN, NORW,


Financial Stocks, EUFN, EPI, BRAF, EMFN, FGEM, XLF,

Banking Stocks NBG, IRE, STD, DB, BFR, BMA, GGAL, BBVA, BCS,LYG, RBS, CS, UBS, KB, SHG. All of these banks are zombie banks, they are dead as a door nail. They are white washed tombs, standing as frightful ghosts of the bygone era of fiat investing. All, yes, all will be nationalized, and in the case of NBG, IRE, DB, be regionalized and exist under the authority of a supra Eurozone bank.  Reuters reports  Spain Says Credit Markets Closing Doors, G7 Takes No Action. “Spain said on Tuesday that credit markets were closing to the euro zone’s fourth biggest economy as finance chiefs of the Group of Seven major economies conferred but took no joint action.” In the New Europe, monetary cardinals, working under a monetary pope, will oversee credit. Public private partnerships will manage economic activity. And a budget commissioner will oversee  fiscal spending in the regions client states. Regionalization will replace European Socialism, and the Eurozone will become the tightest knit regional bloc, where sovereign authority rests in sovereign bodies such as the ECB, the Troika, the Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10, and his banking partner, the Seignior, Revelation 13:11-13; the word Seignior literally means top dog banker who takes a cut. Today’s failed European nation states, the PIIGS, cannot provide seigniorage, that is moneyness; money and credit have both died. Tomorrow’s Sovereign and Seignior, will provide a new seigniorage, that is the seigniorage of diktat. An inquiring mind asks, might the coming Sovereign be Herman van Rompuy, and the Seignior, be Olli Rehm.

High Dividend Stocks, the leveraged buyouts,PSP, and the shipping stocks, SEA,

Risk Onn Stocks, ONN, and High Beta Stocks, SPHB,

Resource Stocks XES, IEZ, OIH, PSCE, XLE, WOOD, SLX,

Tech Stocks, XSD, SKYY, FONE, IGN,

Utility Stocks, XLU, rising to a new high today include DUK, PNW, XEL, PGN, WEC, CNS, ED, DTE, SO, AEP, SCG, NEE.

Peak bond wealth has likely occurred, as Total Bonds, BND, has turned lower this month. Bond vigilantes have been able to call PICB, JNK, BKLN, BWX, and EMB lower.

The Age of Deleveraging and the Age of Derisking, has come on the failure of neo liberal finance, that is the failure of the world central banks’ monetary authority.  Neoliberalism was characterized by bankers waiving magic wands of debt. Neoauthoritarianism is characterized by despots waiving clubs of debt servitude.

This month’s rise in gold, GLD, reflects an investment demand for gold, as investors become aware that it is the last safe haven and resource of money good investing.

Those of the like precious faith of Jesus Christ come to see the economy of God, are zealous for good works, keep the word of God, that is maintain the revelation of God in good working order, seeing that it is continually fresh, not stale or sour, and live under His Name, that is respect His authority and presence. As for me, I live a quiet life; I not a busy body in any body in any one’s affairs. I blog, eat my meals in quietude and go out for a walk or a visit to the fitness club daily. I never go to church as the believers there have no interest in hearing the things I write about. And I literally fear for my life as I live in the inner city, an epi-center of unreasonable, mean and crazy people.


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