Stocks Have Worst Day In A Year After The US Presidential Election On The Exhaustion Of The World Central Bank’s Monetary Authority

Financial Market report for the week ending Nobember 12, 2012

1) … World Stocks, VT, traded sharply lower the day after the US Election.

Financial, Semiconductors, Energy, Metal Manufacturing, and Technology Shares, fell sharply lower, on the exhaustion of the world central bank’s monetary authority and a glut of oil.  Bespoke Investment Blog writes shares of Apple, AAPL, are on pace to finish the day down 20% from their all-time closing high of 702.10 back in September. Zero Hedge reports And Now Come The Margin Calls: NYSE Margin Debt At 16 Month High. Business Insider writes We’re living in a multi-bubble world created by Bernanke. The world has passed through peak capital, as Jesus, is at the helm of the economy of God, Ephesians 1:10, pivoting the world from the prosperity to economic ruin, so as to confirm his sovereignty, as he comes to introduce his world wide millennial rule from Jerusalem.

Too Big To Fail Banks, RWW, 4%
European Financials, EUFN, 2%,
World Banks, IXG, 2%
US Banks, KRE, 4%
Nasdaq Community Banks, QABA, 4%,
Chinese Financials, CHIX, 2%,

Semiconductors, XSD, 3%

Metal Manufacturing, XME, 4%

Energy, XLE, 3%,
Energy Production, XOP, 4%,
Small Cap Energy, PSCE, 4%
Energy Service, IEZ, OIH, 3%
Coal, KOL, 5%

Nanotechnology, PXN, 3%
Nasdaq 100, QTEC, 3%,
Small Cap Technology, PSCT, 3%

Russell 2000, IWM, 3%

Large Cap Growth, JKE, 2%.

Small Cap Value, RZV, 2%,

Utilities, XLU, 2%,

Mortgage REITS, REM, 3%

Beacon Roofing Supply, BECN, fell 4%, leading US Infrastructure, PKB, 1%, lower.

Home Building Stock, ITB, LL, PHM, MHO, BRP, SPF, PHM, KBH, LEN, RYL, HD, seen in this ongoing Yahoo Finance Chart are topping out.

Retail leader, Macys, M, seen in this Yahoo Finance Chart, turned lower. this week, suggesting that even this stellar performer cannot retain investment interest despite a good earnings report.

The charts of International Paper, IP, Chevron, CVX, Verizon, VZ, AT&T, T, Biogen, BIIG, Google, GOOG, Espress Scripts, ESRX, Apple, AAPL, Dupont, DD, Schlumburger, SLB, Amazon, AMZN, Norway’s, STO, Sweden’s, ALV, Switzerland’s, ABB, Ireland’s, COV, exemplify the fall lower in Large Cap Growth Shares, JKE, on the inability of neoliberal finance to stimulate global growth and trade.

Countries trading strongly lower since September 14, 2012, include Argentina, ARGT, Italy, EWI, and Spain, EWP, as well as Japan, EWJ, which have turned Brazil, EWZ, Russia, RSX, Poland, EPOL, Sweden, EWD, Norway, NORW, Canada, EWC, lower, as is seen in this ongoing Yahoo Finance chart of EWO, EWZ, RSX, EPOL, EWD, NORW, EWC, and EWJ.

Leveraged Buyouts, PSP, and Junk Bonds, JNK, traded lower, as Bonds, BND, traded higher; it is International Treasury Bonds, BWX, that are leading credit, AGG, lower. The high yielding, that is the 4.9%, Build America Bond, BAB, are topping out as is seen in this ongoing Yahoo Finance Chart.  Japan Government 10 Year Bonds are trading at 0.8%.

The ongoing Yahoo Finance Chart of BWX, FAGIX, BKLN, BAB, that is World Government Treasury Bonds, BWX, Distressed Investments, FAGIX, Senior Bank Loans, BKLN, and Build America Bond, BAB, illustrates that neoliberal seigniorage, that is moneyness of the nation states is failing as the sovereign authority of nation states is ebbing away. Soon neoauthoritarian seigniorage, that is the moneyness of regional sovereign bodies, such as the ECB, will rise to empower economies regionally, as the diktat of authoritarians operating through regional framework agreements replaces the choice of investment bankers and world central bankers.

2) … This week, the US Dollar, $USD, UUP, continued higher, as SZR, ICN, FXE, FXS, FXC, BZF, FXF, FXB, ICN, traded lower, continuing lower a trend going on for 90 days as is seen in this ongoing yahoo finance chart.

Bloomberg reports N.Z. jobless rate surges to 13-year high, currency plunges. New Zealand’s unemployment rate unexpectedly rose last quarter to a 13-year high, adding to evidence of a faltering recovery and sending the best-performing Group of 10 currency this year plunging. The jobless rate jumped to 7.3 percent from 6.8 percent in the second quarter, Statistics New Zealand said in a report today in Wellington. That’s the highest since the first quarter of 1999 and was more than the 6.7 percent median estimate in a Bloomberg survey of economists.

3) … As foretold in bible prophecy by the prophet Daniel, the global empire Of UK and US hegemony is giving way to the ten toed kingdom of regional governance; and as foretold by the Apostle  John, where Greece is the lynchpin, that is the centerpiece of the economy of the economy of God, for the beast regime of totalitarian collectivism, that is rising from the Mediterranean Sea to replace the Banker regime of Crony Capitalism and European Socialism which has come through Anglo-American, that is British and US,  world power

Michael Rozeff writes in Lew Rockwell British have invaded 90 Percent of the world’s countries “Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world in its long and colourful history, new research has found.” So says new research. Was this culture and/or genetic predisposition handed on to the U.S. via the British colonists? Or does the geography of the two countries that are essentially islands foster taking to the seas? Or has the advanced private property system produced the wealth that could be turned to extensive warfare? Or have advanced tax-collecting and money systems been essential to gathering wealth and focusing it on conquest?

On May 1, 2102, Al Jazeera reported Map reveals bases encircle Iran  US military installations in the Middle East serve to keep an eye on Iran, but securing oil resources, guaranteeing the security of the state of Israel (by) surrounding (with a) globe-spanning American archipelago of bases.

News reports communicate that a political and economic coup d’etat is underway in the Eurozone. Charlie McGrath writes The Greek crisis.  Bloomberg writes Samaras wins Greek austerity bill in race to secure aid. Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras mustered the support of enough lawmakers to secure approval of austerity measures needed to unlock bailout funds, after more than 50,000 protesters ringed Parliament. RT writes Chaos in Athens: Greece in for new round of austerity as protests rage. Gary of Between the Hedges shares Passauer Neue Presse reports Peter Bofinger, member of the economic panel advising German Chancellor Angela Merkel, says Europe’s debt crisis is worsening, citing an interview. The crash that happened in Greece may follow in Spain, he said. The actions of the ECB don’t change the fundamental problems, Bofinger said. A fundamental problem in all countries is that the business cycle is heading into recession. Reuters reports Merkel warns Britain against European Union exit. Germany’s Angela Merkel on Wednesday warned Britain not to turn its back on Europe ahead of talks in London with Prime Minister David Cameron aimed at overcoming divisions that threaten to block a European Union budget deal later this month. Cameron has said he is ready to veto the EU’s seven-year budget and has attacked its “ludicrous” spending plans, in comments likely to fuel a view among many in Europe that London is drifting away from the 27-nation union. Christoph Dreier of WSWS writes Greek parliament approves drastic austerity plan amid mass strikes.  The Greek Parliament voted in favor of the country’s fifth austerity program within the space of the last three years.

The dream of Nebuchadnezzar, interpreted by the prophet Daniel in Daniel 2:30-33, reveals the Statue of World Empires, and foretells that the iron rule of the twin legs global hegemony of UK and US, will give way to the rise of a iron diktat and clay democracy of a ten toed kingdom of regional governance, where ten toes of regional governance will dominate in all of the world’s ten regions. Regional political and economic blocs, that is regional governance, will rise in power to replace crony capitalism and European Socialism in the current dispensation of empires; the entire globe will be headed by a cadre of ten economic zones, Revelation 17:12-13.

In Europe, public private partnerships will oversee the factors of production and manage the economy. The schemes of debt securitization will be replaced by the schemes of regional framework agreements, Daniel 8:23. And these regional framework agreements, will empower  a little horn, one of seemingly little authority, to rise to be Europe’s sovereign leader, Daniel 8:7; this is the Futurist viw and not Preterist view; Daniel’s seventieth week, Daniel 9:27, is yet to be fulfilled. The Troika will rule from Brussels and Berlin, as Germany comes to rule the periphery nations in a type of revived Roman Empire; and a monetary pope, possibly Mario Draghi, operating through the monetary authority of the ECB, will provide seigniorage, that is moneyness, through diktat.

Church of God Writer relates Europa, the Beast, and Revelation Where did Europe get its name? What might Europe have to do with the Book of Revelation? What about “the Beast”? What is ahead for Europe?

Jesus Christ is at the helm of the economy of God, Ephesians 1:10, pivoting the world from prosperity to ruin, so as to introduce his sovereign rule from Jerusalem for a thousand years, Revelation 11:15, and Revelation 20-4-5.The current fiat money system will be replaced by the diktat money system, where diktat serves as both money and credit. The scope and power of the Beast Regime, that is rising out of the profligate peripheral PIGS, especially Greece, to replace the Banker Regime, will be recognized as unconquerable; John The Revelator, writes that people will actually worship this monster, Revelation 13:1-4. In EU Observer article EU To Be Federalized In The Long Run, Valentina Pop quotes Angela Merkel saying November 7, 2012, “Indeed we must find a right way to stabilise eurozone permanently and eliminate its conception errors. We must be courageous and not shy away from treaty change if needed,” she said.To bring about a “true” economic union underpinning the common currency, there was need for more “binding” commitments from member states to make reforms.

Eventually, Jesus will return to utterly destroy the worldly governments and ungodly economic systems of this world, resulting in the complete and utter victory of the very real and substantial Messianic Kingdom of God filling the entire earth.

4) … In the news

Signposts of the Times writes  Putin sacks defense minister amid scandal.  Bible prophecy foretells of a soon coming Gog Magog war.  Russian President, Vladimir Putin has fired his defence minister, and replaced him with a loyal friend with the charge to continue to re-equip and redevelop the Russian Army. This comes after recent Russian military exercises where Putin himself lead the charge. Are we now seeing the final stages for the re-emergence of the great Bear onto the world scene? Russia we believe is the nation that will head the Gog Magog alliance of nations that will attempt to invade and destroy Israel.

ZD Net writes Communications equipment manufacturer Ericsson to slash 1,550 jobs in Sweden.

Bloomberg reports EU sees Spain’s budget measures failing to tackle deficit

Michael Shear of the NYT writes writes Demographic shift brings new worry for Republicans.

NBCNews Blog Obama’s demographic edge.

Gary of Between the Hedges relates Bloomberg reports Obama wins re-election with Romney defeated in key states.

WSJ Journal reports What county-by-county map results tell us about the election.

USA Today reports Exit poll data, behind the results. A breakdown of how various demographics voted and which issues mattered most.

Forbes writes Why Obama won: Hispanics, Millenials were the difference

The Huffington Post Blog writes 15 reasons Romney lost.

Paul Toscano of CNBC writes Obama wins 8 of 10 wealthiest counties in US.  In the richest, Massachusetts’ Nantucket County, where average annual household income is over $137,000, Obama won by 63 percent to Romney’s 36 percent with all precincts reporting. The richest county in Romney’s home state is also where, just prior to accepting the Republican nomination, the former Massachusetts governor held a $75,000-per-person dinner fundraiser.  In none of the richest counties was the margin of victory wider than in California’s Marin County, just north of San Francisco, where the president won by 74 percent to 23 percent, with all precincts reporting. In Marin, the average annual household income is $128,544. The two richest counties where Romney won were in New Jersey: adjacent Hunterdon and Morris counties in the northern part of the state. Romney won in Morris by 55 percent to 44 percent and in Hunterdon by 59 percent to 40 percent. However, Somerset County, which abuts Hunterdon and Morris, went to Obama by 53 percent to 47 percent.

Patchwork Nation writes Three quick lessons in a mountain of election data. Elections produce many things, from balloon drops to new elected officials, but they also produce mountains of data.  Analysts will spend weeks going through the 2012 results and exit polls pulling out bits and strands of numbers that explain what this state or that county did. Those facts and indicators will be what future campaigns are made of. But a quick rundown of the 2012 numbers reveals a few big trends of particularly significant note. They are important not only because of what they say about what happened on Tuesday, but also about what they say about the elections to come.

And Patchwork Nation writes The Monied Burb firewall.  When the many stories of 2012 are written, there should be a special focus paid to the suburban counties Patchwork Nation calls the Monied Burbs. Those counties have become a reliable Democratic stronghold.

Daily Democrat reports Porn advocates to fight condom rule.  LA County residents voted on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012 to require condoms be used in adult entertainment films.

Reuters reports Ally near $4 billion unit sale, GM seen in lead .

5) … Dollar Collapse reports on real estate

11/06 The best real estate market in America – Culture Map
11/06 Home sales prices post double-digit increase – Herald Business Journal
11/06 Home prices increase, but inventory slips in Western Washington – Business Journal
11/05 Canada’s housing bubble springs a leak – Implode-O-Meter
11/03 Entry level home prices jump on South Shore – Patriot Ledger
11/02 New York’s ultraluxury office vacancy rate jumps to 2-year high – Zero Hedge
11/02 Shadow inventory stabilizes – Reality Biz News
11/01 Remaining inventory of new homes for sale hits 50-year low – National Mortgage Professional

6) … This blog’s coverage of seigniorage and sovereignty will be ending soon.

For 30 months, I have been relating that the seigniorage, that is moneyness of the fiat money system would end with the exhaustion of the world central banks’ monetary authority; this is now fait acompli.

All sovereignty belongs to God, it is a characteristic he guards jealously; yes, he is a jealous God, in fact He is the Jealous God; and He has appointed His Son heir of all things; all things coalesce in Him; and he is the sovereign ruler of all; and He, being objective reality has become the all inclusive life experience; there is no sovereign authority that exists outside of Him; there are no sovereign individuals, nor is there any human action or even natural law, as perceived by Libertarians.

Neolieralism featured bankers waiving magic wands of debt backed prosperity; now Jesus, is pivoting the world’s economies, Ephesians, 1:10, to neoauthoritarianism, where tyrants yield clubs of austerity and debt servitude. Democracy and choice are being replaced with totalitarian collectivism.  The Free To Choose principle is now an epitaph on the tombstone of a bygone era; the mandate of serfdom is the banner of today’s era.  There is now a new Nobel Peace Prize for a new age: the vision of Dr Milton Friedman has been replaced by the vision of a unified Eurozone.

Seeking Alpha reported in early September, Gold is getting its mojo back; it is both a currency and a commodity; personal ownership of gold in bullion form and on Internet trading platforms such as Bullion Vault or Gold Is Money are the only means of garnering and preserving wealth.


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