A Seesaw Destruction Of Credit Investments And Equity Investments Commences As The Bond Vigilantes Begin Calling The Benchmark Interest Rate Higher Once Again As Fears Of Debt Ceiling Conflicts Resume

Financial Market Report for Monday, January 27, 2014,

This post can be found in Google Documents format here.

1) … On Monday, January 27, 2014, a see-saw destruction of credit investments and equity investments commenced, as the Bond Vigilantes began steepening the 10 30 US Sovereign Debt Yield Curve, $TNX:$TYX, seen in the Steepner ETF, STPP, steepening, and in calling the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, higher once again to 2.77%.

2) … Aggregate Credit, AGG, traded 0.2% lower, putting a dent in as well as possibly terminating a fifteen day rally that commenced January 2, 2014.  All the bonds, seen in this Finviz Screener SHY, IEF, TLT, EDV, QLTA, VCLT, PICB, BWX, and JNK, traded lower as Tyler Durden posted March T-Bills in panic selling as debt ceiling fears reignite.

3) … The great economic transformation from liberalism’s investor to authoritarianism’s debt serf has commenced on the failure of both fiat money and fiat wealth.

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