As The Tide Of Liquidity From The World Central Banks Recedes, We Will Soon See All Have Been Swimming Naked …. All Those In Euroland Will Be Given Swimsuits Of Diktat Money, That Is Garments Of Diktat Policies Of Regional Governance Which Are Woven In Schemes Of Totalitarian Collectivism

Financial market report for Wednesday January 29, 2014.

This post can be found in Google Documents format here.

1) …  In Europe, there is a south north divide, that is a latin nordic divide, which is cultural in origin, the breadth of which is like that of the Grand Canyon; but through the Great Economic Transformation, all Europeans will all be unified as one, in diktat policies of regional economic governance, and in debt servitude schemes of totalitarian collectivism.

2) … On Wednesday January 29, 2014, Aggregate Credit, AGG, rose a strong 0.3%, as bond vigilantes positions in the Benchmark Interest Rate, ^TNX, were forced lower lower to 2.67%, by purchasers of credit, consisting mostly of US Government Bonds, GOVT, on the ongoing flight of capital out of stocks, as greed vanished and as fears continued to rise that the world central banks’ monetary policies have made “money good” investments bad

3) … A see saw destruction of credit and equity is underway destroying liberalism’s economic growth and prosperity and introducing authoritarianism’s economic deflation and austerity, as well as establishing an investment demand for gold.

4) … A credit and banking crisis in Turkey may very soon create an economic implosion in Turkey, with contagion spreading to start Financial Armageddon, that is a world wide credit bust and global financial system breakdown.

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