European Regional Economic Governance will emerge out of sovereign debt crisis before 2013

European Regional Economic Governance will emerge out of sovereign debt crisis before 2013.

Social unrest in Spain and voter disapproval for the current European political regimes, coupled with ongoing sovereign debt issues, is setting the stage for the establishment of ten regions of global governance as called for by the Club of Rome in 1974.

Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:5-10,  reveals that a Chancellor, that is the Sovereign, and Revelation 13:11-18 reveals that a Banker, that is the Seignior, will arise to provide a new seigniorage, that is a new moneyness, based not upon sovereign debt, but rather political coordination of their word, will and way.

Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:3, reveals that out of Götterdämmerung, that is an investment flameout and financial collapse, state leaders will announce regional framework agreements, which waive national sovereignty and establish regional economic and political governance as well as assign stakeholders to run industries for the regional good  These will oversee the factors of production such as labor and capital to establish state corporatism.

An Iron Chancellor, the Sovereign, perhaps Herman Van Rompuy, and an Adept Banker perhaps Mario Draghi, or Christine Lagarde, will provided a new seigniorage.which will be for the most part political and not economic. Such leadership will require and enforce great austerity and mass layoffs in socialist state regimes particularly the periphery nations, that is the PIIGS.

While sovereign debt has been the underlying seigniorage of the Age of Neoliberalism … The word, will and way of the Sovereign and the Seignior will be the seigniorage.the age of Authoritarianism.

European Federalism has been creeping in scope and power since World Ware II, with the aid of the Spinelli Group and others. A Euro Centric Continent, now precludes a return to an age of sovereign nation states.

Sovereign state currencies such Greek Drachma or the German Deutsche Mark are a pipe dream of the Mises Institute and Austrian economists. A much greater likelihood is the rise of a Euro German Empire, that is a revived Roman Empire, as suggested in Daniel Chapter 2, with a political leader and a banking leader whose power will rival and exceed those of Charlemagne.


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